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Originally from Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, Christopher Cleary began taking acting classes at the Pittsburgh Playhouse in tenth grade and wrote sketch comedy for the annual high school talent shows. He continued to write and act at Kent State University, where his plays were produced while he obtained a Theatre Arts Bachelor’s Degree with an Acting submajor. After graduation, he moved to California to pursue a career in film and television. He landed one short-film part and wrote a sit-com pilot that went unproduced. Chris was an extra on various television shows and movies, as well as a supernumerary performer for the L.A. Opera, but his only consistent role was that of a starving artist. He relocated to Atlanta where he earned a Master’s degree and switched from writing plays and sit-coms to short stories and novels.

Writing on the Wall
by Christopher Cleary
Trade Paperback | Fiction - Young Adult | September 2007 | $9.99

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